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It explains why and how the European Communities were established as the first constitutional union of constitutional states wherein integration would be steered by law, not power politics or imperialism. Similarly, it presents the European Union as one of the few examples of a polity that has transcended the paradigm of the nation-state and perhaps even that of the state.

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London: Routledge Philip Schlesinger co-editor. This book assesses the possible formation of a communicative space that might enable and engender the creation of a transnational or a supranational public.

The contributors consider the EU's democratic credentials and how well it communicates, and they also evaluate the major institutions and their links to general publics. The European Union is currently in the midst of a comprehensive process of reform and the aim of this book is to adddress the challenge of forging a legitimate Constitution for the EU. The authors aim to clarify the constitutional status of the EU, to take stock of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and Convention on the Future of Europe as vehicles to forster and create a European constitution.

The and books are part of the series Routledge Studies on Democratizing Europe. John Erik Fossum is co-editor of this series. The purpose of this article is to show that federalism provides a better understanding of what the EU is, the nature of the challenges facing it, and the realm of possible solutions than do alternative conceptions such as multilevel governance.

A poly-cephalous federation is not only deeply contested; it is a highly unstable system, in particular when facing the types of challenges that the EU has faced since the global economic crisis of In the final section, the article looks at a full-fledged pluralistic federation with poly-cephalous traits, namely Canada that, since the s, has greatly modified its poly-cephalous features with democratic effects. The article identifies a set of lessons for the EU from Canada's experience.

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View all works in Cristin. Discussing what we may learn from thinking about the EU in federal terms represents a two-fold challenge. The contributions to this collection supplement and extend existing scholarship through focusing on two important lines of inquiry.

Representation is explored both in the process of federalization, and as a feature of established systems.

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The second line of inquiry places the emphasis on the relationship among the governments of federal systems. The focus is on intergovernmental relations, and the particular merits that emanate from studying these from a federal perspective. This book was originally published as a special issue of Journal of European Public Policy. Musikkviter Audun Molde har skrevet bok om popens historie. Vi skal stifte bekjentskap med den hissige havabborren. The aim of the conference is to promote a sophisticated debate on a subject that is fundamental for our time: the shape and the content of European integration.

The conference will discuss the future of Europe, revise the over positive narrative about European integration and ask what is to be done, if we want to maintain on the one side the civilizing process introduced by the European integration and on the other side keep some control on our public life and our destiny as workers and citizens. Populist right-wing political parties and movements draw on symbolic references to traditional nationalism as well as the mobilisation of anti-European sentiments.

At the same time, new populist forces move strategically within the European political space where their visions, ideologies and agendas are shared and often converge in the rejection of globalization, migration or human rights. At the same time, different regions of Europe West vs. East, North vs.

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South experience different types of populist politics. In this workshop, we focus on the strategies and ideas of the new populist right in Europe. The question to be addressed is how styles and discourses of political mobilization of the populist right converge and diverge and how these processes can be explained.

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At the workshop, speakers will discuss populist visions, ideologies and agendas from different angles and from different regions in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe. The starting point is the relative success of populist right-wing mobilization that occurs simultaneously in several parts of Europe.

The first section will focus on conceptual framework for understanding populist right-wing parties. The second, thrid and fourth section will present comparative approaches, exploring the different expressions this new political movement has found in different European regions. Managing editor. Main navigation jump Main content jump Theme navigation jump Contact information jump.

Appendix B: Bibliography of all studies surveyed and additional literature cited

For employees Norwegian website. Search our webpages Search. Menu Search. John Erik Fossum Professor. Norwegian version of this page Email j. Room A. Username Log in. Box Blindern Oslo. Press photo Download business card. Academic Interests John Erik Fossum's main fields of research include political theory, democracy, constitutionalism in the EU and Canada, as well as Europeanisation and transformation of the nation state. Tags: Democracy , Political theory , Legitimacy , Constitutionalism , Europeanisation , European Parliament , European integration , Institutions , European Union , Brexit , EEA-agreement Publications Selected Scientific articles and bookchapters Books Other Fossum has written more than academic publications, including 19 co- authored and co- edited books, seven co-edited journal special issues and over articles and book chapters on European and Canadian issues.

Books Fossum, J.

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Special Issues Brunkhorst, H. Fossum eds. Jachtenfuchs eds. Democratic federalization and the interconnectedness — consent conundrum, Journal of European Public Policy, 24 4 Norwegian Reflections on Brexit, Political Quarterly, 87 3 : Quebec studies: Vol. A Done Deal? The EU's legitimacy conundrum revisited E. Eriksen co-author.

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Power and Resistance in Iran'.