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He was also an outlaw. Fannie refused to marry him unless he reformed and changed his name. However, he found his promise difficult to keep. Ambitious, he also sought excitement. Four months after his seventeenth birthday, he followed in Van's footsteps and turned to a criminal career, joining a rustling operation headed by former Texas Ranger George T.

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They intended to exchange the burnt T horses for cattle rustled by Musgrave. Before the month was over, he stole two other cows owned by Casinero Barela. When Musgrave delivered the cattle to Parker, he received nothing in exchange. Without the slightest remorse, Parker then rode to the Musgrave ranch and falsely claimed to Bennett and Prudie that their son owed him money.

Parker left Cedar Hill with a number of head of the senior Musgrave's cattle. I was then [seventeen]years old. After the trade it developed that the horses he traded me were stolen property and he advised me to leave the country, telling me he would look after my property while I was gone and until it was safe for me to come back. Trouble was brewing over the stolen horses and Parker scared me into leaving because I was in possession of the stolen property.

Last of the Old-Time Outlaws: The George West Musgrave Story

Taking Parker's advice, I left the country. I had made no such sale to him. Parker had jobbed me in the trade and robbed mother of her st0ck. Eight months later, he and Dan Johnson were indicted on one count each for horse rustling. Seventeenyear-old George Musgrave did not appear in court to answer any of the charges.

He had departed Chaves County in the fall of , accompanied by his close friend and fellow Texan, twenty-fiveyear-old Code Young who had been using the name Bob Harris. The two friends left Roswell together, then followed separatepaths, but later reunited in Grant C0unty. One evening about sundown, "a damned fine-lookin' man" rode into the Double S Ranch west of town, astride a large white horse and leading a black horse carrying a pack.

Approaching "Salty John" Cox, the camp cook, Musgrave introduced himself as Bill Johnson, the first of his many aliases. Cox, who was not above a little rustling himself, found Musgrave a likable fellow and "always in good humor. Cox occasionally loaned him a horse, and George would ride south to the Adobe and the Ladder outfits seeking work.

Apparently, he did not find any. The obvious attraction of Upton's ranch was brother Van, still employed as the ranch's foreman. He was "just the finest little fellow [but] a business fellow, keen and grey-eyed, he was business all the time. To talk to he was a jolly, jumping sort of fellow.

You just had lots of fun with him. Musgrave was the only one of the three actually working for Brock. The Diamond A made no distinction between outlaw and lawman. Brock reflected, "We treated the outlaws as guests, and when the posses came for them a day or so later, we gave them the same consideration.

Seeking out Brock, they asked if they could shoe their horses. Not realizing that they planned to leave, Brock let them help themselves. As Musgrave and Hayes prepared to ride out that afternoon, they asked Brock if they could pick out an old pony to use as a saddle horse. Brock consented, asked the two where they were going, and they answered, "Well, we just took a notion that we'd worked long enough.

They left these cattle.

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Roberts ran about five thousand head of mixed cattle and usually hired a couple of cowboys for the spring, summer, and fall months. It is probable that Musgrave helped round up cattle for delivery at Huachuca for the Flying V. Lemmon later allowed that Roberts's cowboys were a tough crowd. Leonard Alverson managed the outfit for butcher Charles L.

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Cummings and blacksmith Ed J. Jacklin, both of Tombstone. Alverson later related that Young "was an excellent hand, good cowboy, would shoe horses, sweep, wash dishes or do anything there was to At about the same time Musgrave, Young, and Hayes reached southeastern Arizona, two Indian Territory renegades, Will and Bob Christian, also appeared in Cochise County.

The paths of these five young Texas-born outlaws soon crossed. It is a wise thing to be that way. Besides that--don't be shocked-outlaws are more interesting than inlaws. And they are better housernates. In the s, Kentucky-born Christian had settled on a site in the southeast corner of Baylor County.

Comanche raiding parties still harassed the county in when Sarah "Sallie" Christian n6e Duff gave birth to their first child, a son, Bob. Three years later, brother Will arrived. In , at the advent of the region's buffalo hunting heyday, their small settlement on the Brazos River took the name Round Timber.

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The Christian boys witnessed the opening of the Western Cattle Trail in , which launched the area's cattle drive epoch. In contrast to their father, Bob and Will's mother, Sallie Christian, born about in Texas, was slim, blueeyed, with blond hair. Deister continued, "Pa liked the old man, and Mother liked the old lady. The boys were the nicest fellows you ever saw.

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Newsom, "Two persons [William and Sallie Christian] could scarcely be found who were more refined in their life and lived more Godly and righteously than they. Their next move was into the Indian Territory in the late s, certainly by , when William Mark Christian's name first graces the pages of the U. Deputy Marshal John Childers, Jr. The brothers were "regular peddling whiskey in the Nations and were "very sharp, selling all the time now but very sly," according to Childers. By the time the case reached the U. Because he was a better witness for the defense than for the prosecution, his testimony assured William Christian's discharge!

The family's prairie home was just above the forks of a creek, within the borders of the Creek Muskogee Nation, six miles southeast of Wewoka, near the boundaries of the Seminole and Choctaw Nations. Briefly in mid, the Christians shifted their residence to a nearby rental home, a short distance from William H.

Carr, one of the oldest and bravest U. He was also a dangerous and totally unscrupulous gunman.

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Outlaws and lawmen alike shared his favors. At Violet Springs, he illicitly supplied untaxed and forbidden liquor to the surrounding Indian nations5 Young Bob Christian, who earned a reputation for being bold and reckless by boxing, jumping, and breaking fractious horses, began his outlaw career bootlegging Bill Carr's whiskey in the Seminole and Creek Nations. Newsom recalled that soon the Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations issued warrants for Bob, though there are no records of any liquor charges being brought against Bob Christian at Fort Smith at this time.

They would runclear out of groceries, but the next morning, there would be all kinds of stuffcoffee and ham and bacon and flour.