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Collection Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Media reviews New York Times. Sophisticated Dorkiness. User reviews LibraryThing member richardderus. Oh no you don't!

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No sighing, sneaking past this review, and saying how good it is! Sit there and READ this.

Josh and Brent, two of the most annoying perfectionist queens Manhattan has ever sucked into its lapidary drum of the effete, are bare-naked and warty as all get-out in this hilarious, touching, brutally honest memoir by the tall one. And he memoirs the way it feels to be human, alive, selfish and self-absorbed and sweet and lovable better than most.

He's honest about how hard it is to work like a highly paid slave so you can have a dream come true. Then, as so many before him have, he wonders when in the HELL he's going to have time to enjoy the said dream. Then there's the short one. He isn't writing the book, so of course he doesn't get all the best lines. Just most of them. He's the alpha perfectionist of the pair Because he loves, so much, the tall one.

The scene in the book where they have that conversation, about why they'd have to give the place up in the rancid economy of , made me cry. Now these two aren't guiltless little cogs in the Murrikin Machine, mind. They were both in the sizzle biz, taking home oodles of the spondulix selling people an unattainable dream's unattainable health goals for old farts the short one and unnecessary, overpriced goods and services the tall one.

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But they made so much more out of their lives And then they found, accidentally and because the tall one is a lousy navigator, the perfect place to turn their well-honed swordsmanship skills at these useless pursuits into the plowshares of a real, and really funny, and very satisfying life.

Their website makes me drool. Not over them, keep your minds out of the gutter. The farm, the recipes, the products, the involving and addictive blogs, and of course Polka Spot the llama are tremendous pleasures. This is Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House for the 21st century. Buy it, read it, and heavenly days, recommend it to your friends!

The boys need money!

Books: The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers: An Unconventional Memoir

Farmer John's goats don't eat air, and that hip replacement wasn't free, and the boys have aging parents who'll need to come live with them soon enough. Think of the scuff marks. Poor short one. LibraryThing member tututhefirst. Two gentlemen with great New York City jobs--one, Dr.

Brent Ridge, works for Martha Stewart, the other--the author--is an advertising agency rep, when they decide on an impulse to buy an old mansion they discover while on their annual apple picking trip. They take on the task of re-doing the mansion, putting in a huge garden, and also take on 70 goats and a goat farmer to tend them. The plethora of goat milk leads to a booming online business selling hand-made goat milk soap. They are the stereotypical gay yuppie couple trying to have it all--living at the mansion on the weekends while still working full time in the city, driving and training back and forth, weeding, painting, pickling, weeding, canning, entertaining, weeding, sweeping flies you gotta read the book , slaughtering a home grown turkey for a REAL Thanksgiving, etc etc etc.

They are spending so much time trying to be perfect, that their relationship begins to suffer. When Brent is 'pink-slipped' by Martha, and Josh becomes disgusted with the advertising world and quits his job, they suddenly find themselves without a steady income, with a business that is severely impacted by the economic downturn that cost Brent his job, and with emotions they are not used to dealing with.

They are in danger of losing everythingthe mansion, the farm, themselves and their relationship. Told with compassion, wit, and a unexpectedly deep understanding of human emotion and vulnerability, this is a well-written memoir of middle-aged reflection and contemplation. On his thirty-ninth birthday, spent alone in his garden, Josh reflects that Flowers don't blossom then disappear into thin air. They fade. Then the plant drops its leaves.

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Then the stem browns. And then the whole thing topples over.


I figured I was lucky to have been as colorful a bloom as I had been Their ability to see the beauty and positives in their lives, including the friendships they formed in the small town, allows them to muddle through and arrive at the other side of their troubles with a recommitted relationship, a re-energized business, and a future that bodes well. LibraryThing member OldRoses. This is another Book Giveaway on Goodreads.

It turned out to be much funnier than I had anticipated. The author had me midway through the prologue where he describes transporting five baby goats from his farm in upstate New York to Manhattan, a trip that takes several hours, during which time the goats develop diarrhea and he is forced to drive with his head out the window to get away from the smell. I practically fell out of my chair laughing.

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I knew exactly how he felt. I once transported a kitten from a breeder two hours distant from my house, a kitten that was so nervous he began pooping forcing me to drive two hours with the car windows wide open in January. Unlike the author, whose passengers were confined in a cage in the backseat of his vehicle, in my case the kitten was loose in my car and being a typical feline, sought the highest elevation on which to perch. That elevation being the top of my head, with his claws firmly implanted in my scalp for balance.

I found this book both entertaining and disappointing. Too many references. I understand that being a drag queen and within the orbit of Martha Stewart were two defining experiences for him and his partner, but there is whole other world outside of that small universe that he seems almost unaware of. There is almost no discussion of their friends and activities in Manhattan, where they lived five days a week. He manages somehow to devote most of the book to the mansion cum goat farm while revealing almost nothing about the surrounding area or the inhabitants.

I would like to have learned more about his rural neighbors and his urban friends. How did those two worlds compare and contrast? What was their life like before they bought the weekend house?

The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers: A…

They had been a couple for almost a decade. What did they do during that decade? How did their lives in Manhattan change after buying the weekend house? Did they attempt to mingle the two worlds by inviting friends to visit them at their upstate retreat? This is a great human interest story, but I feel that a big part of it is missing. It is a quick, entertaining read that is more sequins and boas than compost and canning. LibraryThing member Jenners Their experiences are chronicled in this highly amusing memoir. My Thoughts: This was a such fun read! Mixed in with the light-hearted and humorous account of their farming experiences is the story of a relationship that starts to flounder due to financial strains and a schedule that leaves little time for togetherness.