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This part is neat because these occur once every sixty years. The next Earth Rat year is It's a fresh alternative to western astrology which, most equate to the shifting of 30 some-odd days. Practically all of the the mentioned parts are peppered with Suzanne White's experiences with folks born in each fashion while often sharing the beliefs of the east and how the sign impacts their lives.

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Finally each sign's section ends with a look at it's health recommendations, then a twelve year horoscope , the book was published in The last two parts focus on the relations between the signs my favorite section and a chart that begins with and ends ; are available in the front of the book. Again, it is a reference for pseudo-self awareness and is a fun book to look through with a group.

Aug 20, Bernadette rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. OK I'll admit that one of my secret vices is that I am sometimes enamored of mystical things like astrology and the Tarot. This is a really great overview and I was struck by how much more accurate a description it seems than Western astrology.

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Fun to read as well. Dec 05, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Astrology peeps. Shelves: favorites. This book is my new age comfort. I think it's so fun to find out the signs of all my friends and associates.

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Surprisingly on the mark, and Suzanne White has a real humorous approach to her writing, that makes this a great read even if you don't believe in this stuff. Mar 07, Katherine rated it liked it. I really love her snarky tone. She's most unflattering, not just to us Dragons, but to everyone. While I admit it's total nonsense, it's quite fun and I have to admit, often incredibly spot-on. Jun 19, Anthony Scarlett rated it it was amazing.

Excellent reference book on Chinese Astrology. Uncannily accurate, absolutely fascinating whenever I've checked a person's birth date with their write-up. Great book! Dec 30, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: books-in Like the information Feb 13, James rated it it was amazing.

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The only chinese astrology book you need. Luna Laguna rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Bria Lofano rated it really liked it Dec 17, Maren rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Julie rose wells rated it liked it Oct 16, Shea Butter rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Melissa Mills rated it it was amazing May 15, Lisa rated it liked it Sep 08, Christopher Hill rated it liked it Sep 28, Joanna Paetz rated it really liked it Jan 13, Paola rated it liked it Aug 25, Johan rated it it was amazing May 07, Tracey B rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Rachel rated it it was amazing May 11, Christina Polillo rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Bonnie Ross rated it really liked it Mar 23, Kimberly rated it liked it Mar 01, James rated it liked it Apr 30, Jon rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Elisbet rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Readers also enjoyed.

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Although for me more of a reference book than a book I would read White The New Astrology , , St. Martin's explains in her latest book the ancient art of Chinese astrology while at the same time sharing some of her varied life experiences as a model and The New Chinese Astrology. Suzanne White. Also get meanings of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

It's regarded a year of bad luck.

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What should avoid? What are the lucky charms for people under the Pig sign in ? Fan Tai Sui clash Tai Sui means setbacks, such as unstable luck for career and wealth, obstacles or troubles in marriage, health issues. Four animal signs including pig, monkey, tiger and snake Fan Tai Sui in Here are do's and don'ts in for these four signs. What should beware of for the Pigs in ? What should Pigs do to make good luck? People born in different months have different fortune. What months Zodiac born in will have the best fortune?

Here are best months for 12 zodiac signs to be born. You will be more likely to get married in the year governed by the auspicious star of Hong Luan and Tian Xi.

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Also, you will be more likely to marry if you meet the years which are compatible with your animal sign. To a man, to have a wife who can make him prosper and educate children well are the happiest thing. Which zodiac woman could most bring good luck and happiness to husband? Why is there no mention in horoscopes for retired people? Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope.

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Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building.

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Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Horoscope. Which Zodiac Will enjoy bad luck in ? How is going to be for each zodiac sign in ?

Chinese Horoscope Weekly Monthly Chinese Horoscope. Lucky Charms for Pig in What are best birth months for 12 Zodiac Signs. What are best birth months for 12 Zodiac Signs People born in different months have different fortune. Which zodiac women bring good luck to husband?

You have a generally good fortune this week. In terms of work, for many things, you will cross the bridge when you get to it. Weekly Horoscope For ox. You fortune will decline gradually in this week.